Tiny, temporary Minecraft servers. Perfect for you and a few friends to play together. Servers last for 24 hours and cost just $1 USD. Yup, one dollar.

1. Start your server-all you need is a credit card (which we DON'T store), and a phone number so we can text you your server information.

2. Play to your heart's content. We'll text you an hour before your server will shut down. (24 hours after you started it.)

3. There is no step 3!

Ready to play?

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We're spinning up your server right now. You should get a text message within the next few minutes with the connection information!

Having troubles? Please contact us.

!! Heads up: When your server expires, your save files will be deleted. The ability to download your server is coming soon.

Frequently asked questions

-Is this legit?
Yes! TinyCraft gives you a real Minecraft server, hosted on professional hardware.

-Why is this a thing?
We got tired of signing up for server hosting, not using it, and then finding the charges showing up on our credit card months later. Now, no more worries! We charge you once, the server disappears at the end of its lifespan, and we don't even store your credit card.

-How many people can I play with?
We recommend no more than 10 players on one of our servers. There is no hard cap, but you'll find that the experience starts to degarde after that.

-Do you have Spigot, CraftBukkit, etc?
Not yet, but coming soon!

-Can I download a copy of the server file?
Not yet. When the server expires, your map and save is destroyed.

-Can I upload a custom map?
Nope. The world that is generated is the one you get to play in.

-Is my credit card info safe?
Yes! Your payment is processed by our partner Stripe. Your card info never touches our servers.

-Why do you need my phone number?
When your server is started, we will text you the IP address that you can connect to. An hour before your server shuts down, we will text you as a reminder. Beyond those 2 messages, we won't send you a thing.

-Why don't you email instead of texting?
Like everything else here, our messages are tiny, and important. Rather than refreshing your email, you can get playing!

-I have another question.
That's not actually a question. But, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to tell you more!